• When?

    September 26th 2021

    Entry will start at 3:00 pm & Event will start at 4:00 pm.

  • Where?

    Spindler & Klatt

    Köpenicker Straße 16-18, 10997 Berlin

  • Tickets?

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Get ready!

The world we live in today is rapidly changing, with or without us. Adapting to these changes is essential for our life and this means switching our stance. This may take a little effort but will enable us to look at things differently. We want to shift our persective and spark curiosity and excitement!

Let us blow you away at TEDxTUBerlin 2021 with live speakers who will inspire us with new ideas and views on different topics such as technology, entertainment and design. Together we will experience the TEDx spirit of ideas worth spreading!


The wait is finally over!

At the end of 2019, we announced our main event SWITCHING STANCES for June 2020. Then, a global pandemic hit us all and turned the world upside down. We had to postpone our event without knowing when it will finally take place. Now, we have an answer to that question. We are happy to announce that SWITCHING STANCES will now take place in Spindler & Klatt on the 26th of September 2021!

We want every participant to have fun and to feel safe during our event. Meeting the common regulations on protection against infection is therefor important to us. Therefor, we only allow fully vaccinated and recovered (not longer than 6 months) participants to our event. If the course of the pandemic won’t allow us to hold the event in presence at Spindler & Klatt, we will perform it online via live stream.


Event language will be ENGLISH.

For more information check out our Instagram


Speakers 2021

Sponsors 2021

Spindler & Klatt

The Spindler & Klatt is a multifunctional catering concept Restaurant, club and event location that meets the highest functional and aesthetic demands. The focus is on reducing to the essentials. Original Asian antiques were combined with a puristic, clear furniture concept.The flexibly positionable furniture elements, the extensive sound and lighting technology, as well as the projection surfaces let Spindler & Klatt shine in a suitable atmosphere for every type of event. The implementation of Spindler & Klatt is based on the idea of a studio, a microcosm in the metropolis of Berlin directly on the Spree and directly on the former east-west border.
Typically Berlin – confident, convertible, creative and international.

Golden Sail

Golden Sail is a company owned by Marcus Selzer – coach, sales strategist and keynote speaker with an international reach. Whether Zurich or Bern, Munich or Berlin – in Germany and Switzerland, Marcus Selzer, primarily as a coach, helps people to achieve more happiness and success, a successful life path and measurably successful sales strategies


With more than 150 branches throughout Germany, Hugendubel.de, eBook.de and the wholesale customer business Hugendubel Fachinformationen, Hugendubel is one of the largest owner-managed bookselling companies in Germany. As a family-owned company in the 5th generation, Hugendubel is wholeheartedly committed to books and and its integration to the online, digital and branch business both for its retail and wholesale customers. Hugendubel is co-initiator and co-founder of the internationally unique and successful tolino alliance for digital reading made in Germany. Founded in Munich in 1893, Hugendubel currently employs 1,700 people throughout Germany.

Institut für Kommunikation und Gesellschaft

Communication determines our lives, connecting people with themselves and with society. The Institute for Communication and Society combines research and funding: We offer active training, tailor-made seminars and individual coaching. In addition, the institute prepares studies on rhetoric, society and personality. This way, we combine research with mediation, so knowledge becomes impact and theory becomes practice: for individuals and the entire society alike.


Over the past 30 years CORNY is known as the delicious cereal bar for every occasion and has been market leader in this segment for many years. CORNY is always by your side: whether on the go, in need of a power boost between meals or as an extra in your lunch box. It is the perfect healthier choice, made from high quality ingredients with a wide range of products for everyone at any time. CORNY offers the perfect snack for everyone……

CORNY PROTEIN-for sport enthusiasts,

…CORNY Haferkraft –for all oat friends,

…CORNY CRUNCH –for all in need of a snack to their coffee,

… CORNY nussvoll –for nut lovers,

…CORNY ENERGY -for all who need extra energy,

… CORNY Milch -for milk lovers,

…CORNY free -for health conscious snackers,

…CORNY -for you.


Our vision: to shift people world toward sustainable lives with a plant-based diet.

We encourage, adjust, inspire thought, and engage people, thereby achieving change in our company.

We love enjoyment and simplifying the vegan lifestyle. We look forward and think of the future. Veganz is sustainable, conscious, and also delicious. Every day, we blaze trails with our innovative products and create quality products for vegan enjoyment. We have developed more than 160 plant-based products including sweets, snacks, essentials, functional foods, and alternatives to meat, fish, and cheese, as well as frozen foods. Our products are available in 10 countries, in more than 10,000 locations, and delight customers from Germany to China. That’s how we make it easier for consumers to choose foods for a better life, an individual lifestyle centered on a plant-based diet.


Founded in September 2016, our wildcorn snacks have become an indispensable part of the snack shelves. Back then it all started with four types of savory popcorn, today our product range also includes sweet popcorn, chips, flips and cornballs. From the beginning it was our goal to produce organic snacks for you from 100% natural ingredients and controlled organic cultivation, without added sugar and without preservatives. We are constantly developing ourselves and our snacks in order to offer you healthy, exciting and sustainably produced snacks that are fun and at the same time meet your and our requirements for ecological and social sustainability. Our snacks are vegetarian and whenever possible vegan, gluten and lactose free. You can rely on that at Wildcorn.

manna Naturkosmetik

Manna’s story began in 2004, when our son got a rash all over his body a few days after he was born. In favour of our child, we banned all cosmetic products from the house that contain chemicals and thus the natural cosmetic products of Manna were evolved. Those are chemical-free, naturalness and contain health, a lot of work and knowledge. Manna’s products are not only gentle on your skin, you can also be sure that not a single animal has suffered because of them.

einhorn products GmbH

einhorn products GmbH from Berlin produce condoms and period products. Magically and with a lot of fanfare! 😎
Design, sustainability and fairness play a major role in this. Therefore, among other things, they work to ensure the wellbeing of both people and the environment.
At least 50% of the profits go back to sustainable projects.
Where exactly can you read regularly in their fairstainability report. Click here for the report from 2020!

einhorn is much more than a condom, tampon or menstrual cup. It is part of a whole movement for a sustainable lifestyle with a sense of justice, open communication at eye level and a lot of fun with design and aesthetics. ✨


We are building the filling station network of the future.
On a purely rational level, our job is this: we, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co KG, are responsible for establishing a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. In fact, however, we are building a mobile future of rapid refueling, long ranges, clean and quiet mobility. This is truly one-of-a-kind: there is no comparable entrepreneurial initiative anywhere in the world that sees the introduction of a zero-emissions fuel as a national duty and works towards it in this spirit.

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