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Speaker positions for 2023 are now closed!
Seize the opportunity to share your unique perspective with a diverse audience. TEDxTUBerlin is proud to announce this year's theme: "The Power of Perspective". We invite thinkers, innovators, and storytellers from all fields to inspire, challenge, and enlighten us with their unique viewpoints

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Performer Slots for 2023 are closed!
Inspire and captivate under our theme, "The Power of Perspective". No matter your art form, if you can shift perceptions and evoke emotions, we invite you to apply. Join us and resonate with an audience eager for the power of artistic perspective.

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Applications are now closed!
Join us under the theme "The Power of Perspective". If you're eager to contribute and make a difference, we welcome you to apply as a volunteer. Be part of a team that values dedication and the power of collective effort.