TEDxTUBerlinSalon 2021

Welcome to TEDxTUBerlinSalon 2021 – RESET YOUR MIND!
We are thrilled to have you be a part of our first virtual TEDxTUBerlinSalon Event and are excited to get the chance to inspire you again with ideas worth spreading.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this day, the program and also the link to access the conference. As well, as a possibility for a special giveaway below – more on that later. So, feel free to stay on this website to follow up with the program, participate in the giveaway later on and get more information.

Please note that this is a Zoom Session, so remember to download zoom in advance. Please try to check in 5-10 minutes earlier, so we can validate your ticket. Therefore, we ask you to set your Zoom name after your order name or number. As soon as you are in the Zoom conference, feel free to change your name by which you’d like to be addressed with. Feel free to join us with your camera switched on but please stay muted while the program is running.


  • 15:00 - Start

    Let’s go!

  • 15:17 - Talk 1 - Ruth von Heusinger

    Efficient Climate Protection Can Be Easy For Everyone

  • 15:55 - Talk 2 - Globalwaterdances

    Dancing for Safe Water for Everyone, Everywhere

  • 16:20 - Talk 3 - Dinesh Punni

    How Can We Use Imersive Technologies (AR/VR) to Shape Our Future

  • 16:55 - BREAK

    Use this short break to refill your drinks or take part in the giveaway!

  • 17:10 - 7Mind

  • 17:25 - Talk 4 - Jana Pfenning & Rita Maglio

    Let’s Revolutionize Birth Control

  • 18:00 - Thanks and Goodbye!


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      Ruth von Heusinger

      Can we use the capitalistic system to fight climate change? Social entrepreneur Ruth von Heusinger shows you how! By buying European CO2-emission rights, her start-up @fortomorrow.eu enables individuals to influence the carbon emissions of the European economy, making it as easy as online shopping. Sounds too simple to be true? In her Talk, Ruth will explain the functions of the EU emission trading system and how your single action can indeed have an impact.

      More about fortomorrow.eu

      Anja Schäplitz

      Global Water Dances is visionary initiative that combines both, participatory art and environmental activism. It uses the international languages of dance and film to promote awareness and a behavioural shift toward solutions for water preservation and conservation through community engagement. Global Water Dances connects and supports a worldwide community of choreographers, dancers and environmentalists to inspire action and international collaboration.

      More about Global Water Dances

      Dinesh Punni

      Immersive (AR/VR) technologies are past the hype now. They are already being used across multiple industries outside of what many think is just gaming and entertainment. And now, they are slowly entering the consumer market – so what does this mean for us and our society?
      Over the next years we have to completely reset our thinking on how we interact with digital information.

      More from Dinesh

      Jana Pfenning & Rita Maglio

      Let’s talk about sex – or rather, contraceptives. For women*, there are several ways to prevent pregnancy. But the most popular contraception methods are hormonal or copper-based which can have a negative impact on one’s mental or physical health. Men* however only have two options: the irreversible vasectomy or the condom. It’s time for a revolution! With their petition @betterbirthcontrol, Jana Pfenning and Rita Maglio demand free and better contraceptives for everybody. In their talk, the two university students will explain why we still use out-dated contraception and how to tackle the status quo.

      *We see the term “woman” and “man” as a social construct of gender and are aware that there is more natural variety in human’s sex than cis-woman and cis-man for whom gender equals sex. The * shall represent this diversity which is why we write women* and men*.

      More about Better Birth Control

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